"I know this device is going to help many people."  - Steve Blackburn, M.D.

"I've ordered two of these already."  - Speech Language Pathologist

"I use this and it is awesome!"  - Speech Language Pathologist

"I am a Speech Pathologist in Australia working in adult rehabilitation. Another Speech Pathologist has mentioned your device and that she is having success using it with patients..." - Speech Language Pathologist

"...I have previously purchased several of your devices and have allowed colleagues to "borrow" them; needless to say, I never got them back :( I need to be a little more stern with the terms "borrow". Thanks again for creating this! Take care!"  - Speech Language Pathologist

"...We highly recommend the use of the ISO device as an essential device to regain the ability to swallow properly."  - Customer

"...I should also share that clinically speaking, this device has allowed two of my patients to have their PEG tubes removed!"  - Speech Language Pathologist

"I want to congratulate you on the ISO. It has done wonders for my wife, who had acute dysphagia problems due to radiation treatments. It has helped to greatly improve her swallowing, and her doctor is very pleased with her progress. She is also pleased, considering the fact that her first Speech Therapist wanted to put in a feeding tube... "  - Customer 

"I am an SLP in Palm Bch. County, FL who has a home health pt. equipped with an iso-S. He loves exercising with it and I have felt that this tool can benefit dysphagia pts."  - Speech Language Pathologist

"..I think that you have a great product and it has been very helpful to me."  - Customer 

"I was curious if you had a wholesale price so as to purchase ISO devices for the outpatient center where I work to resale to patients.  Often times patients after trying the device that I have on site want to be able to leave with one..."  - Speech Language Pathologist

"...A few months ago, we had recommended to a friend of ours in Appleton, WI, whose husband had dysphagia and she bought an ISO from you. They are very pleased with the results from using it. He is now eating after passing the swallowing test." - Customer

"I am a co-inventor of the ISO-PLUS and I am a speech language pathologist with 20 years of experience, mostly in the treatment of swallowing disorders. I have been using the ISO-PLUS™ to do swallowing exercises with my dysphagia patients since 2010. Since I started using the ISO-SED, I have consistently seen much better and faster improvements in swallowing problems than I ever saw in dysphagia patients before I started using the ISO-PLUS™. My patients love doing dysphagia exercises with it, and usually ask if they can keep it after they try it the first time because they want to use it in between sessions!"  - Jolie Parker, M.S.CCC-SLP