Evidence That My "Treatment Session" to Raise My Dopamine Levels Naturally Worked!

I just took a wonderful hot bath, wearing waterproof bone conduction headphones, listening to and deeply focusing on my very favorite music on Pandora.com. It felt so good! But when I really knew it was actually raising my dopamine levels was when I was suddenly overwhelmed by the smell of the bathroom trash! Lol. I hadn't even noticed it at first, but increased dopamine heightens all of your senses. By the end, the smell was unbearable! And no procrastination when dopamine levels are high! That trash is going out NOW!

The real key is to find those rare songs that give you that warm fuzzy feeling, and then to really focus on that feeling. It's kind of a meditation on the pleasure you feel, zooming in on it so that all other thoughts and worries don't have any room in your mind. The good feeling just gets better and better the more you focus on it, and it really seems like my dopamine levels are rising when I do this. I feel like a totally different (and much happier) person!

I just discovered tonight that there is something called a "thumbprint radio" station on Pandora which will include all of the songs you've ever "liked" from any of your other stations. Very nice!

Any headphones will do, but I love my wireless, waterproof bone conduction headphones! I can turn the music up as loud as I can stand it with no worries of hearing damage. I can wear them while driving with the music super loud in my ears and the windows down, without bothering anyone with my loud music, yet still being able to hear traffic sounds for safety, and even being able to have a conversation with someone while wearing them because they don't go in your ear!

It really doesn't even have to be music. Any pleasure will probably do. The most important thing is to find that warm fuzzy feeling and then meditate on it. Savor it!