Capturing That Dopamine Feeling and Making It Last!

Have you ever had that "Dopamine Feeling"? It's kind of like the feeling of being in love, or the feeling of being young, healthy, and super happy. Colors look extremely bright and beautiful, music sounds incredible, your mind feels so clear, and you feel like dancing!! For me, it usually happened when I was driving on a sunny day with loud music playing, and only once in a while. I had no idea what caused that feeling to arrive, how to keep it from leaving, or how to get it back... but now I do!

I've discovered that feeling is caused by a neurochemical called dopamine. When you feel pleasure of any kind, your dopamine levels increase slightly. Then, dopamine allows you to feel pleasure more! It heightens all of your senses. And, if you feel more pleasure, your levels increase even more, which heightens your senses even more! And yes, you can just keep building it up and up and up! There is a way to do this on purpose, to control it, and to create that dopamine feeling anytime you want!

1. Find a pleasure that gives you even just a tiny shot of dopamine. The easiest way I've found to do this is to listen to free internet radio, like Pandora or Rhapsody, preferably while wearing headphones with the volume up loud! Keep skipping through songs until one of them gives me a little feeling that makes me think, "mmmmmmmm I love that!" and makes me want to sway or tap or dance.

2. Once you find that pleasure and feel a little rise in your dopamine, milk it!! Focus all of your attention on that song. Listen to every little sound. Be amazed by how beautiful it is and pleasurable it is to listen to it. Move to the beat and feel how good that feels too! Try moving different parts of your body. Bob your head to the beat, move your shoulders, your hips, hands and feet! Notice how good each sound and each movement feels. The more you focus on the pleasure, the more your dopamine levels will rise, and the more you will feel that dopamine feeling!!!!

3. Keep it going! Now that you have a taste of it, keep skipping through songs until you find those rare, amazing songs that give you that feeling. The higher your dopamine levels go, the easier it will be to find songs that sound amazing. Each time you find one, FOCUS all of your attention on it. Focus on all of your other senses too. Any pleasure you feel, especially when you focus on it, will raise your dopamine levels and help to keep that dopamine feeling going. Notice the sun sparkling on the tree leaves or on the water, the feel of the sun or the breeze on your skin, the smell of the fresh air or the flowers, and all foods taste so good, even healthy foods! And, of course, if you have somebody special, the pleasures of touch become so much better, and the more pleasure you have, the more you can feel even more pleasure!!!!!

Not only does dopamine make you feel so good, but it is good for you too! It reduces hunger and cravings, makes it easy to lose weight, speeds up your metabolism, increases energy, improves memory, balance, and coordination! It's definitely worth the effort to increase dopamine levels. It can improve your life in so many ways!