Speech Language Pathology

Home visits are available for speech language pathology patients, from Orlando to Daytona, Florida, who are having any of the following problems:         

  • Swallowing Disorders -  Dysphagia, difficulty swallowing pills, trouble swallowing food, coughing or choking while eating or drinking, esophageal opening problems, foods getting stuck in your throat, foods staying in the mouth or cheeks after the swallow, aspiration pneumonia, modified diets, mechanical soft diet, pureed foods, thickened liquids, PEG tube, NPO status, facial asymmetry, drooling  
  • Voice Disorders -  Airy vocal quality, hoarse or strained voice, low volume voice, decreased vocal range   
  • Language Disorders -  Aphasia, word finding problems, nonsense words, comprehension problems, difficulty naming or listing items  
  • Reading/Writing Disorders -  Alexia, agraphia, sentence formulation, reading comprehension 
  • Speech Disorders -  Dysarthria, apraxia, oral motor weakness, slurred speech, difficulty speaking
  • Cognitive Disorders -  Memory loss, difficulty recalling recent events, decreased reasoning skills, difficulty organizing items or sequencing steps of activities, forgetting to take medications, forgetting to use a walker   

For more information about any of the above disorders please visit the link for that page or Contact Us.

The ISO Swallowing Exercise Device for Dysphagia

This an exercise device used for dysphagia and voice treatment. It can be used with a variety of swallowing exercises, including CTAR (Chin Tuck Against Resistance) and JOAR (Jaw Opening Against Resistance).

This device is used to help people with swallowing difficulty symptoms such as: having trouble swallowing food, choking while eating, coughing when eating or drinking, or difficulty swallowing pills.

People who are on a PEG tube, pureed foods, thickened liquids, or a mechanical soft diet may benefit from dysphagia treatment with the ISO Swallowing Exercise Device.

For more information about the ISO Swallowing Exercise Device, please visit our ISO-SED page.