PhagiaFLEX (ISO CTAR Device) for Dysphagia and Voice

The Shaker exercise for dysphagia, in the upright position (CTAR)

Chin Tuck Against Resistance (CTAR) and JOAR exercises for dysphagia

Vocal Cord Adduction exercises for voice disorders

The PhagiaFLEX CTAR Device is a patented flexible device, designed to be a more convenient, less strenuous alternative to the Shaker exercise for dysphagia. Phagiaflex targets the suprahyoid muscles under the chin. The Suprahyoid muscles consist of: the Geniohyoid, Mylohyoid, Stylohyoid, and the Digastric. These muscles primarily assist in elevating the hyolaryngeal complex and opening the upper esophageal sphincter (UES) during the swallow. The Mylo-hyoid also functions to elevate the tongue and the floor of the oral cavity.  

PhagiaFLEX can be used for CTAR  (ChinTuck Against Resistance), JOAR (Jaw Opening Against Resistance), ESAR  (Effortful Swallow Against resistance), vocal cord adduction and laryngeal elevation exercises.


The PhagiaFLEX CTAR Device-H (Hand Held) was used in a research study, published in 2018. Click here

Effect of chin tuck against resistance exercise on patients with dysphagia following stroke: a randomized pilot study. CONCLUSIONS: This study demonstrated that CTAR is effective in improving the pharyngeal swallowing function in patients with dysphagia after stroke. Therefore, we recommend CTAR as a new remedial training alternative to HLE.
— NeuroRehabilitation 2018, vol. 42, no. 2, Authors: Park, Ji-Su, An, Duk-Hyan, Oh, Dong-Hwan, Chang, Moon-Young

The PhagiaFLEX CTAR Device-HF (Hands Free) was used in case studies, published in 2018. Click here

This study confirms that hands-free chin-tuck resistance exercise is applicable and helpful for improving the hyoid movement and reducing
aspiration in patients with dysphagia after stroke. Therefore, this exercise can be introduced as an intervention for improving the swallowing function in patients with dysphagia who have difficulty using both hands.
— Journal of the Korean Dysphagia Society 2018;8:121-125, Authors: Sang Hoon Jung, M.D. et al.

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We have 3 models based on need:

The hand held PhagiaFLEX model can be used by anyone strong enough to hold the device. It can be held by the patient, or the therapist can hold it for the patient, or assist the patient to hold it correctly. 

The hand held pediatric version is the same as the regular hand held, but built for smaller children or adults.

The table mount PhagiaFLEX model is used by patients who are much weaker, or disabled and cannot hold the device well enough to perform the exercises correctly, or by patients that prefer to not have to hold the device. It should be used with an adjustable hospital bed tray table so that it can be adjusted to the correct positioning for each patient. 

90 Day Risk Free Trial:

Dysphagia is a complex disorder with many causes and responses to treatments. Many dysphagia cases involve weakness in the suprahyoid muscles, which can be strengthened through exercises, but not all cases.  We are very confident that our device can help. Therefore, you are welcome to try the PhagiaFLEX CTAR Throat Exerciser and return it within 90 days for any reason for a full refund of the purchase price.

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