The Phagiaflex Device is a patented, flexible exercise device designed as a more convenient, less strenuous Shaker exercise alternative to perform Chin Tuck Against Resistance (CTAR) and Jaw Opening Against Resistance (JOAR) exercises for dysphagia. Phagiaflex targets the suprahyoid muscles (Geniohyoid, Mylohyoid, Stylohyoid, and the Digastric). These muscles primarily assist in elevating the hyolaryngeal complex and opening the upper esophageal sphincter (UES) during the swallow. The Mylohyoid also functions to elevate the tongue and the floor of the oral cavity.

PhagiaFLEX is made with non-toxic, latex free materials.

Made in the USA.

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PhagiaFLEX HH: Hand held exercise device

PhagiaFLEX-S: Hand held, smaller size exercise device

PhagiaFLEX-HF: Hands free exercise device which slides onto an adjustable height tray table

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